How long does it take to complete repairs?

Your jewelry will be fixed in approximately one week or less for your convenience and will be ready after 5:00 on the scheduled pick up date. Contact us link to contact us to get a quote for your repairs. Learn more about jewelry repair.

Do the repairs leave your store?

Russell & Ballard has one of the leading Goldsmiths link to Meet Our Experts/Goldsmith in West Michigan who fixes your jewelry on site. An onsite goldsmith allows us to repair your precious jewelry and never have it leave the store, reducing the chance of loss or damage. Learn more about jewelry repair.

What are your finance options?

> Russell & Ballard is pleased to assist you in making your special purchase. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.
> Layaway is also available. We offer a 3 month layaway program with a 20% deposit.
> Using the GE Money program we offer our own financing, giving you various options such as 90 day, six months, or one year same as cash.
> Learn more about our finance options.

Do you offer sizing and cleaning?

Let us clean and buff your ring while you browse our fine jewelry selection gold, gem cleaner and/or a sterling silver polishing cloths, are available at the store for purchase. Ring sizing can be tricky. Let our expert team size your finger and give you a perfect fitting ring. Sizing typically takes one week and comes back buffed and cleaned. Learn more about our services.

Do you appraise jewelry?

Appraisals can be done for you and/or your insurance company by one of the two owners, Ken Russell or Colin Ballard. The written appraisal includes two copies, one for your records and one for your insurance company. Appraisals generally take one to two days.
Learn more about our services.

How much do you charge for various repairs?

Prices may vary for these services. Contact Us for a free estimate.

Do you change watch batteries?

Many watch repairs, including batteries and links, can conveniently be done at the store while you wait. We work with a local repair shop sending out all broken or non-working watches. Repairs typically take 1-3 weeks.
Learn more about our services.

What are GIA certified Diamonds?

Any jeweler can give a diamond a rating. To have a diamond be GIA certified, it must ve evaluated by a Gemological Institute of America graduate. These diamonds some with papers certifying their authenticity. All of Russell & Ballards’s diamonds are GIA certified. Learn more about diamonds and Ken Russell.

Return Policy- Can we return/exchange it?

Returns can be made in within 30 days for cash or an in store credit.

How long do special orders take?

In general, special orders take about 2 days to 2 weeks. Rush delivery is available through some suppliers. Pandora typically takes 2-3 weeks. This does not include backordered items.

What is the difference between Real, Lab Created, and Simulated Gemstones?

Real or Natural Gemstones: Real gemstones are just that, real and natural, as they were created in nature. Often natural gemstones must be treated by various methods to make the color appear as we would expect them to look. Some treatments are permanent and some are not. For example, Tanzanite in its natural state is a brownish color, but when heat treated, Tanzanite becomes the beautiful blue-purple gemstone that we admire.

Lab Created Gemstones: Lab created gemstones are made of the same mineral composition as natural gemstones, and are created in laboratories with equipment that simulates the high pressures and heat that nature uses to create the real gemstones far beneath the surface of the earth. A lab created gemstone is identical to the natural gemstone it replicates in every way; color, hardness, composition, luster, looks etc.

The only difference between a lab created gemstone and a natural gemstone is that the natural gemstone most likely has flaws called inclusions, and lab created gemstones have no inclusions, as the mineral composition, heat, and pressure are controlled in the laboratory. Having no inclusions in a perfect lab created gemstone sounds favorable, however too perfect can sometimes look unnatural or phony.

The flaws or inclusions in natural gemstones are caused by minute traces of minerals that are trapped within the gemstone during the gemstone’s crystallization process, and are the result of certain extraneous gases and other minerals being mixed in the molten mass prior to its cooling and crystallization. Natural gemstones with fewer inclusions are given a higher clarity rating, and thus a higher value when being appraised.

Simulated Gemstones: Simulated gemstones are created in a laboratory environment, but they differ from natural gemstones and lab created gemstone in many significant ways, and are only made to look like a natural gemstone. Simulated gemstones in most cases do not have the same mineral composition, color, hardness, luster, or looks of a natural gemstone or lab created gemstone.

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